Wednesday, November 11, 2009

World Usability Day (WUD) Project to Make 1,000 LED Spot/Bulbs Available for Free

How many light bulbs does it take to change the world? Just one, if you make it LED.

The World Usability Day (WUD) project will make 1,000 LED spot/bulbs available for free via their website “Assume the following math: 1,000 bulbs can replace all of the light bulbs in 20 medium-sized houses,” said Brian Sullivan, the usability principal at the Sabre Human Factors Center in San Francisco, CA, and co-chair of World Usability Day. “The LED bulbs are easily three times more efficient than standard bulbs. So that is the equivalent of lighting 100 houses,” said Brian Sullivan, co-chair of World Usability Day. By using 1 LED bulb rather than 3 filament bulbs you will save 268.24 kWh.
The WUD free light bulbs will be offered worldwide. The project is being made possible by Next Generation Lighting Supply (NGL Supply) and Seoul Semiconductor, Inc. (Seoul). NGL Supply will provide the bulbs with Edison bases (standard in most lamps, ceiling fans, and recessed lighting outlets) and fulfillment, and Seoul will supply the inner workings. WUD web site visitors will fill out a form with a DISCOUNT code. When the visitor clicks a button from the WUD site (after filling out a form), they are taken to the NGL site for fulfillment. Participants will pay for shipping and handling (which is very common for FREE items).

“We are thrilled to be able to offer free LED light bulbs,” said Elizabeth Rosenzweig, founder and president of WUD. “These products are just now reaching the market; they’re very cutting edge,” said Rosenzweig. “Thanks to NGL Supply and Seoul, we will change the world one light bulb at a time. It’s just that simple.”
“Seoul Semiconductor is proud to be part of this event and share our Acriche LED technology with those concerned about making a better world. Our basic tenets, starting with our CEO Mr. C.H. Lee, include being a good corporate citizen along with doing the right thing for the environment. The WUD event is a showcase for responsible products available today that will make a better future,” said Doug Hardman, Americas Strategic Marketing Director, Seoul Semiconductors.

“Working with WUD makes it possible for NGL Supply to make LED technology readily available to 1,000 people who wish to make the change to energy efficient environmentally friendly lighting solutions,” said Kennie Alton, principal, Next Generation Lighting Supply.
The Fifth Annual World Usability Day will be celebrated globally on November 12 with the theme “Designing for a Sustainable World.” Countries that announced WUD projects last week included Estonia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates bringing the total number of countries to 38 and the number of events to 112.



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